Bizbike’s newly developed e-mountainbike needed a name, concept and identity to attract potential adventurers. The result is a unique brand language with a clear link to the bike's natural but harsh environment. ZUBR is a limited edition, rugged mountainbike with a fully integrated battery, built to explore the unknown. Named after the European Bison, it's rare, sturdy, powerful and built for the outdoors.

Zubr 02
Zubr 04
Zubr 03

A rugged name.

We were looking for a rugged-sounding name, with a link to its electrical power source. By focusing on the atypical frame of the bike, we found the shape similar to the back of the European bison. Introducing ZUBR: a name that sounds powerful and sturdy, but also fast and “zooming”.

SQ Zubr 05
SQ Zubr 06

A powerful message.

We developed a brand concept that shakes up the e-bike industry. The brand message is intended to attract adventurers and explorers, who enjoy pushing their limits in the outdoors. Therefore, we created a unique brand language with a clear link to the outdoors and the harsh environments in which the bike will be used.

Zubr 07
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Zubr 10

A bold identity.

A bold typeface in combination with dark and mysterious photography, forest colors and flashy neon details, results in a powerful and energetic identity. The visual system is applied throughout all touchpoints of the brand such as the website, brochures, merchandising as well as the packaging in which the bike is delivered to your doorstep.

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An inciting digital experience.

The atypical design of the website is made to inspire adventurers and explorers, through activating messages and technical details in combination with mysterious photography.