Supra Bazar is an iconic retail-store where literally anything can be found. The store concept kicked off about 50 years ago and quickly grew into a shopping group with 5 locations in Flanders.

For the retail chain's 55th anniversary we restyled the entire identity, while retaining the iconic colour combination. The goal was to strengthen the brand’s recognisability and its market position in the region.

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In a complex world,
simple wins.

A brand that offers everything to everyone, needs to appeal to everyone and everything. We maintained the iconic colour combination and recreated a simple brand system that is friendlier, more accessible and more modern. The colour combination, font choice and accents form a recognisable and coherent entity through a wide range of different channels.

Hunt Supra Bazar Gevel

Brand launch

To launch the new identity, we used typographic posters in local newspapers asking for people if they recognised the new identity. To interact with the audience, a website was made, where people could submit their answers. The answers gave us real-time insight into the recognisability of the brand and the power of local media. The complete uncovering of the full brand identity was done in front of the entire staff, followed by a press conference.

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Hunt Supra Bazar Wiezijnwij Mobile
Hunt Supra Bazar Wiezijnwij Artikel

Local and digital

During closing times, customers can still find everything they need in the brand’s webshop. All communication concerning the webshop uses a powerful shortened link:

Hunt Supra Bazar Sprinter
Hunt Supra Bazar Truitjeachter
Hunt Supra Bazar Vrachtwagen
Hunt Supra Bazar Ingang

Full rollout

The entire brand identity was rolled out on a multitude of different carriers. From card games and bottle openers, to the entire fleet and even a hot air balloon.

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Hunt Supra Bazar Vrachtwagen 02
Hunt Supra Bazar Flesopeners
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Hunt Supra Bazar Promo
Hunt Supra Bazar Winkelkarretjes
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Hunt Supra Bazar Kledij
Hunt Supra Bazar Draagtas
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Hunt Supra Bazar Cyclocross
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