Street-food inspired
Asian cuisine.

Two innovative food & beverage experts full of ideas and inspiration walked in our office. They wanted to completely break away from their father’s traditional Chinese restaurant and needed a new concept. Bowls brings Asian fusion cuisine in typical streetfood-style.

Hunt Bowls Mood

An unveiling name.

Having lots of ideas, the brothers were mainly looking for a fitting brand name and an overall concept for their new restaurant. We delivered and came up with a concept, that also became the name: Bowls.

Hunt Bowls Food
Hunt Bowls Logo mobile 2x
Hunt Bowls Logo02

Each dish is served in bowls and the concept immerses their guests in an authentic Eastern experience. Using an open kitchen to amplify the streetfood aspect, Bowls takes you straight to the vibrant streets of Asia.

Hunt Bowls Sketches02
Hunt Bowls Keuken
Hunt Bowls Tshirt
Hunt Bowls Kaartje02
Hunt Bowls Kaartje01

Black and copper.

We took care of the entire identity from typography, colours and photography to paper types and foils. Black and copper accents can be found in the smallest details of the brand's touchpoints, as well as the typical bowl-shaped silhouettes.

Hunt Bowls Wildblack
Hunt Bowls Kaartje03
Hunt Bowls Menu
Hunt Bowls Menu02
Hunt Bowls Pattern
Hunt Bowls Bon02
Hunt Bowls Bon03
Hunt Bowls Bon01
Hunt Bowls Website


The interior design was taken care of by our friends at Inside, who have fully extended the entire concept: authentic, bold and cosy. Copper elements and bowl-shaped items, frequently come back in te most unexpected places.

Hunt Bowls Toilets
Hunt Bowls Interieur 02
Hunt Bowls Interieur01
Hunt Bowls Interieur 05
Hunt Bowls Interieur 04
Hunt Bowls Interieur 03

The exterior of the restaurant catches the attention of passers-by, using the logo oversized on the entire wall. This simulates the Asian streetfood scene, where restaurants literally scream to attract customers.

Hunt Bowls Food01
Hunt Bowls Gevel
Bowls gevel 03
Hunt Bowls Come Hungry