brand naming
brand identity

Clean, meaningful and global.

A brand-new name and identity for a pharmaceutical company with global activities. Novitan is an experienced healthcare company, supplying medicines worldwide for clinical trials and early acces programs.

Because of new shareholders and new company activities, the company was looking for a new name, with a global character. A complex assignment within the pharmaceutical sector, with requirements such as uniqueness, translingualism and .com availability.

brand name

We came up with the name Novitan: coming from “Novi” - meaning “new”- and Vita - meaning “life”. A balanced name due to the use of the same letter at the beginning and the end of the word.

The new brand-name required a clear and simple explanation for the sometimes complex company activities. Therefore we developed the new baseline 'supplying health'.

brand identity

We took care of the entire identity, without neglecting the company’s former values and identity. Changing the name was a huge step, so we needed to maintain the recognizability and trustworthiness of the 20+ year old company.

Using fresh colors and clean typography, we created an identity that reflects the logistic cycle of medication. Using 3 dots, each dot is connected to each other and forms a forward motion in the shape of an arrow.