brand identity
brand strategy

A pure cooking experience.

Purity and simplicity are the leading principles through the Herenthal brand. With timeless and simple design, we created a premium identity for a new brand of kitchenware. The minimal and clean identity is a distinguishing factor in a chaotic and boisterous market.

vision and strategy

In our current saturated market, we are overwhelmed by information and consumers are more and more in search of simplicity and authenticity. The kitchenware market is no exception and has become a stagnant market, dominated by big corporations.

To date, few brands have succeeded into bringing esthetically refreshing products into this market segment. Due to a more technology focused strategy, kitchenware loses its timeless nature. With the focus on simplicity, authenticity and purity, the new kitchenware brand “Herenthal” wants to shake up the kitchenware market.