brand naming
brand identity

A perfect treatment for every single car.

The Carista brand has its origin in the love and passion for beautiful cars. The company ensures exclusive cars preserve their esthetic appeal throughout the years. Carista specialises in made-to-measure treatments and products for cars to impress and inspire the dreamer in all of us.

the name

A fitting brand name with the impetus of an Italian sports car and a subtle link to its core business. The identity system is inspired by the shimmer of freshly polished bodywork and the detailed finesse of the cars featured in our dreams.

the logo

Every treatment is made-to-measure and thus provides the perfect care for each car. The brilliance of freshly polished bodywork and details formed the inspiration of the logo and the corporate identity.

The implementation of the brand consisted in the development of flyers, business cards, website, gift cards, clothing, etc.