Yunite offers a wide range of network, television and security services for both companies and individuals. With such broad variety of services, clarity is critical. Time to rethink, reshape and rebrand.

A unified name.

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Hunt Yunite Logo

The challenge for the company, formerly known as XD IT, was to unite the different solutions under a recognisable brand system. We developed the brand name “Yunite” (You + Unite), as a statement for the grouping of various smart services the company provides. Yunite literally unites clever solutions.

Structured and focused.

We split the services into specific units, in order to communicate each service more clearly and in a more targeted manner to the different audiences. A branded house strategy was implemented based on 3 services: network solutions, security solutions and television solutions. A colour coded brand architecture indicates the different units and services.

Hunt Yunite Logos

A visual language.

A recognisable and quirky brand identity with a custom-made illustration system makes it all come together. Using playful illustrations, we created a unique visual language, in strong contrast with a sector that is dominated by stock imagery.

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