For over 20 years, Quaestor has been caring for their client's capital, with an entrepreneurial mindset. We wanted to get rid of the corporate banking appearance and create more brand awareness for High Net Worth Individuals. We carried out a complete rebranding, from strategy to identity.

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An in-depth analysis.

We conducted strategic workshop sessions together with the Quaestor team in order to reveal their true identity. Besides the technical and rational aspects behind their activity, the personal care for each individual client was very prominent. Based on the data from the workshops we developed the entire brand personality: from the brand’s vision to its assets and their fundamental essence.

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Wealth care

In order to translate the essence of the brand, we needed a clear and comprehensive messaging. Using a quirky but meaningful baseline we explained what Quaestor stands for in only 2 words: 'Wealth care', to ensure the financial health of their client’s assets, today and tomorrow.

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A minimalist concept.

We wanted to create an appealing, serene and fresh identity, far away from any relation to the banking world. Using a simple typographic logo in black and white, combined with fresh pastel colours we created a light and airy appearance for what is usually a very serious matter.

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We took care of the entire physical and digital roll-out of the identity. From selecting custom paper choices, photography, special printing techniques and the right spot colours, to the design and development of a user-friendly and unique website.

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Quaestor becomes quaestor.

To announce Quaestor’s rebranding, we developed a cross- shaped folder with the message “quaestor becomes quaestor.” Using this message, we reveal the true identity of the brand, while also indicating that nothing changes for their clients. The punctuation mark used behind the second brand name gives away a subtle link to the renewed identity. The folders’ cross-shape is directly linked to the slogan “wealth care”.

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Quaestor Web
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