Did you know that each year millions of coconuts are turned into waste after harvesting the flesh, oil and water? They are then burned at large combustion sites, which is extremely harmful to the environment. The burning of coconut shells creates a worldwide waste of natural resources.

Hunt Noya Coconuts

A fair and sustainable story.

Noya found a way to recycle these coconut shells by turning them into beautiful and useful objects to serve food, store jewels or simply as decoration. NOYA uses real coconut shells, which is why each bowl is unique in shape and size.

Hunt Noya Typo
Hunt Noya Pattern

A natural and minimal feel.

Along with the brand name, we developed a modern and minimal identity with a luxurious and premium feel. Noya is about mixing tropical raw materials with minimal design. By combining a clean logo with a more rustic typeface, we symbolise the natural aspect of the products and the contemporary vision of the brand.

Hunt Noya Logo
Hunt Noya Folder Cover
Hunt Noya Ribbon
Hunt Noya Defender
Hunt Noya Wild Black
Hunt Noya Kraft02
Hunt Noya Folder Open02
Hunt Noya Folder Open
Hunt Noya Pot01
Hunt Noya Cut
Hunt Noya Businesscard
Hunt Noya Pot02
Hunt Noya Signage