A brand-new name and identity for a pharmaceutical company with global activities. Novitan is an experienced healthcare company, supplying medicines worldwide for clinical trials and early acces programs.

Hunt Novitan Logo

Meaningful and global.

Our mission was to develop a strong name with a global character and requirements such as uniqueness, translingualism and .com availability. An ambitious goal, with high expectations, which we were able to meet with the name “Novitan”. A perfect name for the industry, which comes from Novi - meaning “new”- and Vita - meaning “life”.

Novitan presentatie

New, yet familiar.

The brand's new identity had to reflect the company’s values and individuality. Changing the name was a huge step, so we needed to maintain the recognisability and trustworthiness of the 20+ year old company. Using fresh colours and clean typography, we created an identity that reflects the cycle of medication. With the 3 dot-logo perfectly symbolises that cycle: each dot is connected to each other and forms a forward motion in the shape of an arrow.

Hunt Novitan Kleur
Novitan beeldmerk drawing
Novitan Slogan

Authentic imagery

In order to make the pharmaceutical brand more human, we opted for signature photography. Most pharmaceutical brands quickly turn to stock photography to visualise their activity. At Novitan we chose to highlight the human aspect, with human and personal photography.

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In-depth implementation.

We took care of all the brand supports from stationary, photography, website, etc. to make Novitan ready to push forward and continue to supply health around the globe.

Hunt Novitan Beeldmerk
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Novitan bottle
Novitan sfeer
Novitan signage
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