As with any university, VIVES conducts a lot of research on a broad variety of topics. However, the results of these studies are not always communicated properly and in many cases they remain internal to the organisation, without ever seeing the light of day.

Hunt Ludo Box Detour

A toolbox

We developed a communication toolbox, together with the VIVES University and the Antwerp based service design agency “Studio Dott”. The Ludo toolbox offers a step-by step approach for researchers to communicate their message like a true professional, using targeted and surprising communication actions, based on the specific aspects of their work.

Hunt Ludo Box
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Hunt Ludo logo

The logo consists of two blocks that form the letter 'L' and signify the playfulness and the steps of the tool. The word 'do' is not accidentally highlighted, but focuses on the purpose of the toolbox.

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Hunt Ludo Colors1
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Bold and bright

Bright colours, bold typography and stylised icons show the researchers how to communicate about their research in a clear manner and through the best suited channels.

Hunt Ludo Typography
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Hunt Ludo Typography Detail
Hunt Ludo Exploded View
Hunt Ludo Vormkaart
Hunt Ludo Joker Animated
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Step by step

We developed the design and format of the tool, in close collaboration with Studio Dott and Vives. The goal was to make Ludo fun, simple and easy to use. Using a structured “6-step” approach, the tool playfully guides researchers in choosing the right target audience, the way to address them and how to form their message.

Hunt Ludo Steps
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Hunt Ludo Vorm detail
Hunt Ludo Joker detail
Hunt Ludo Topview