Geco is a premium window manufacturer, based in Belgium. The brand's new identity needed to reflect the quality and craftsmanship of their product. We created a simple and clean identity, which is easily recognisable within their industry.

Hunt Geco Atelier03

Premium identity
for a premium product.

Geco specialises in different materials, such as lacquered resin, aluminium and steel. Through their years of expertise, the company guarantees a highly aesthetic finishing. All windows are produced in their own workshop and the placing is performed by skilled professionals.

Hunt Geco Box
Hunt Geco Typography
Hunt Geco Brochure
Hunt Geco Binders
Hunt Geco Advertentie
Hunt Geco Detail
Hunt Geco Onderhoudsboekje
Hunt Geco Onderhoudsboekje binnen
Hunt Geco Cleaners Detail
Hunt Geco Cleaners

Signature imagery.

We used “behind-the-scenes” photography to visualise the craftsmanship behind the brand. Through short videos we display the human side and the attention to detail that comes with the product.

Hunt Geco Atelier02
Hunt Geco Atelier05
Hunt Geco Atelier01
Hunt Geco Atelier04

A simplified
product structure.

To make it easier for customers to choose between the many options and materials, we developed 3 product lines based on style: comfort, cottage and pure. This creates a user-friendly way for consumers to browse through their personal style, with an overview of the different product materials.

Hunt Geco Comfort03
Hunt Geco Comfort04
Hunt Geco Comfort02
Hunt Geco Comfort01
Hunt Geco Cottage04
Hunt Geco Cottage01
Hunt Geco Cottage03
Hunt Geco Cottage02
Hunt Geco Pure06
Hunt Geco Pure01
Hunt Geco Pure05
Hunt Geco Pure03
Hunt Geco Pure02
Hunt Geco Pure07
Hunt Geco Pure04