Every year, Designregio Kortrijk organises an inspiration trip for entrepreneurs and designers. We designed the travel guide for a trip to Tallinn, the bustling capital of Estonia.

Hunt Tallinn Cover
Hunt Tallinn Open01

The story of E-stonia.

Estonia or 'E-stonia' is fully digitised and is therefore the ideal breeding ground for many start-ups. One of those companies is Skype, nowadays a global reference. The code behind the Skype emoticons, in combination with the transverse attitude of the city, was the inspiration for the design in relation to the rest of Europe.

Hunt Tallinn Kaart
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Innovation is everywhere.

The innovative atmosphere of this colourful city with its beautiful historic buildings was recreated in a booklet, using modern pastel colours and pixelated design.

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Hunt Tallinn Detail02
Hunt Tallinn Detail01
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Hunt Tallinn Kodasema
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