Coretec is an industrial automotive supplier. The French company is a global reference in engineering, designing and manufacturing robotic equipment for the auto industry.

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Bright and innovative.

Using a fresh orange and technically inspired typography, we built a young and refreshing identity that contrasts a very corporate and sober market. Orange was a conscious and bold choice, in order to make the company stand out.

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Thinking ahead.

Coretec actively builds the future. They’re always a few steps ahead, building parts for the cars of the future. “Thinking ahead” was the baseline we created to represent the activity and the mindset of the company.

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All things clear.

The immense complexity of the company’s activity needed to become clearer and more understandable, in order to appeal to a very diverse and international audience. We got rid of the technical jargon and created refined brand messages that are clear, simple and straight forward.

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An architecture
built for acquisitions.

Given the company's rapid growth, Coretec needed a brand system that is responsive to continuous changes. The brand architecture allows the main group to build sufficient brand awareness and recognition, while respecting the names of the acquired companies.

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