Oude Geuze Boon

For the holiday season, the Boon brewery wanted to create something special for their most well-known product, the “Oude Geuze Boon”. A gift box with 2 bottles and a mouth-blown glass included. To protect the bottles at all times - while showing as much of the product as possible - a complex and custom die-cut was created.

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Modern, yet authentic.

In terms of design, the brand's authentic identity needed to stay untouched, while creating a premium-feel. To create a modern and high-end appearance, in combination with the artisan brand identity, we combined black with their signature “bottle green”.

Hunt Boon Box Geuze

To amplify the craftsmanship, we developed hand-drawn sketches to recreate the top half of the bottle. The same type of sketches was used to illustrate the serving instructions. To add a higher level of finishing, we applied spot varnish in specific areas of the packaging.

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Hunt Boon Geuze Box
Hunt Boon Box Geuze Detail
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VAT Discovery box

“VAT” means “barrel” in Dutch and the VAT Discovery Box contains 4 different Geuze beers, which each owe their difference in taste to the specific wooden barrel they were brewed in. The brewery uses barrels that were previously used for cognac, rum or even whisky. The number on each barrel is then used to identify the bottle.

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Hunt Boon Box VAT
Hunt Boon Fles VAT
Hunt Boon Tasting Manual

The dark shades and the sleek design of the packaging reflects their premium nature. The packaging comes with a tasting manual containing information about the brewing processes, barrel types, pouring technique and degustation tips. The wooden sides refer to the ancient barrels and the authentic character of the brewery.

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