Belexa is a highly developed full-service law-firm with a very complete legal services package. Like most law firms, they offered little differentiation in comparison to other firms. We developed a fresh new identity, accompanied by a sharply focused positioning.

Hunt Belexa Frederic

A new strategy

Few offices communicate from the added value they offer. Moreover, the image of law firms is old-fashioned, strict and strongly linked to conflict. Time for a change in perspective.

Hunt Belexa Meeting
Hunt Belexa Meeting DT
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Hunt Belexa Meeting Youssef

We wanted Belexa to communicate stronger, using their distinctive added value as a firm. Therefore, we conducted workshops and really dug into the brand’s personality, in order to create a distinctive brand message. The goal was to make the law firm more accessible and to positively influence the image, which is not to attack but rather to guard and to preserve.

Hunt Belexa Meeting02

To avoid a trial,
is to win a trial.

Belexa’s main goal is to prevent legal conflicts by providing timely and targeted advice, aimed at the prevention of conflicts.

A broad variety of in-house specialists in all legal domains allow Belexa to work cross-domain, enabling them to find the best solution for each conflict, no matter how complex. This aspect was extended in the subtle elements of the brand’s new identity.

Hunt Belexa Group

Fresh and refined

Using fresh and complementary colours, modern typography and contrasting photography, Belexa’s new identity contains sufficient recognisable elements, with the appropriate serenity. The visual system appeals to companies and entrepreneurs, while remaining accessible and personal.

Hunt Belexa Logo02
Hunt Belexa Logo

The figurative element represents the firm’s ability to tackle the most diverse legal domains and specialisations, all under under one roof.

Hunt Belexa Colors
Hunt Belexa Typography
Hunt Belexa Meeting03

A tangible identity

For all physical brand supports, we used core-coloured paper to represent the character and strength of the firm. By consistently implementing the same paper type through all of the brands’ touchpoints, we obtain a powerful and coherent brand environment.

Hunt Belexa Archief
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Hunt Belexa Blocnote
Hunt Belexa Malmero
Hunt Belexa Detail
Hunt Belexa Pen

A digital introduction

Belexa’s new website focuses very strongly on the human side of their services, with signature photography and clear messages that reflect the company’s vision with a subtle grid in the background.

X marks the spot

To guide their clients, two custom made totems flank the entrance of the firms entrance. An illuminated wordmark shines above the entrance of the building, accompanied by the logo in sandblast film on the windows below. Carefully executed by our friends of Wallrus, experts in signage and wayfinding.

Hunt Belexa Signage
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